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Minister Gërvalla talks with her counterparts from Costa Rica and Burkina Faso

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, held separate virtual meetings with her counterparts from Costa Rica and Burkina Faso.

During the meeting she had with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, Mr. Rodolfo Solano Quirós, Minister Gërvalla emphasized that Kosovo highly appreciates the fact that Costa Rica was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Kosovo and together considered that the relations between the two countries are quite good.

She briefed the Costa Rican chief diplomat on the Kosovo government's commitment to creating a favourable climate for foreign investors. The parties discussed bilateral cooperation, seeing the need to deepen cooperation in the field of economy, education and culture.

For opportunities for bilateral cooperation in areas of common interest, Minister Gërvalla also spoke with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burkina Faso, Mr. Alpha Barry. Opportunities for exchange of experiences in the health and defence sectors were especially discussed.

On the other hand, both its counterparts presented a supportive stance of the countries they represent towards Kosovo, especially for its membership in international organizations.

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