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Deputy Minister Ahmeti received the non-resident Ambassador of Colombia to Kosovo, Mrs Ramirez Rios

Prishtina, 29 July 2021 - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr Kreshnik Ahmeti received today in a meeting the non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Gloria Isabel Ramirez Rios.

Mrs Ramirez Rios will be the first diplomat accredited in our country after the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2019 between our two countries, and during this visit will submit credentials to the President of the Republic.

Deputy Minister Ahmeti welcomed Ambassador Ramirez Rios and expressed his satisfaction that diplomatic relations between the two countries have advanced, because according to him, this approach will pave the way for a wide range of opportunities for interstate cooperation, starting from the political, economic and cultural cooperation, and establishing cooperation in all other areas of common interest.

Appreciating the role of Colombia for the principled and constructive attitude as one of the first countries from Latin America to recognize the independence of our country, Deputy Minister Ahmeti thanked Ambassador Ramirez Rios for the continuous support of her country given to the Republic of Kosovo in all multilateral initiatives, whether of common interest or for the purpose of presence, and supporting the membership of the Republic of Kosovo in international organizations.

Ambassador Ramirez Rios thanked Deputy Minister Ahmeti for the meeting and stressed that the Republic of Colombia is committed to deepening interstate cooperation between our countries, and that her commitment to Kosovo as the first non-resident ambassador is an indication of the seriousness on the goal of advancing this cooperation.

Furthermore, Ambassador Ramirez Rios stressed that this is her first visit to the Republic of Kosovo, of a series of visits that she intends to make in order to advance bilateral relations, starting with cooperation at the level between the two foreign ministries, and continuing with the specific areas our two countries intend to cooperate on.

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