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Minister Gërvalla participates in marking the 30th anniversary of the first action of the Llap Guerrilla

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Ms Donika Gërvalla, participated in marking the 30th anniversary of the first armed action against the Serbian police forces organized by the Llap Guerrilla on 9 August 1991 at the place called "Qershiat e Llapashticës" (Cherries of Llapashtica), Municipality of Podujeva. 

On this occasion, a memorial plaque was revealed in the house from which the action was carried out.

In her speech for this occasion, Minister Gërvalla expressed her unlimited respect for all those who fought for the freedom and independence of Kosovo, by political and military means, which culminated in the open war of the KLA and the intervention of NATO forces and allies who brought Kosovo's freedom and independence. Minister Gërvalla stressed the obligation of the Government and of state institutions for Kosovo to be built just like the heroes wanted, making it a developed and democratic state where law and order apply to all equally.

The chairman of the Llap Guerilla organization, Mr Hasan Zeneli, gave a certificate of appreciation to Minister Gërvalla for her contribution to the national cause. 
This gathering was attended by Mr Halit Konushevci, father of the hero Ilir Konushevci, Mr Hetem Ajeti, member of the first guerrilla action, Professor Rexhep Gjergji and many other personalities.

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