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Minister Gërvalla meets the new Chief of the Diplomatic Office of Belgium, Mr Sassel

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Ms Donika Gërvalla, received today in a meeting the new Chief of the Diplomatic Office of Belgium in Kosovo, Mr Julien Sassel, whom she congratulated on taking up the new task.

Together they discussed the possibilities of deepening bilateral cooperation in areas of common interest, focusing on economy and trade.

Minister Gërvalla stressed the commitment of the new Government to create an appropriate climate for attracting foreign investors and, at this point, they discussed the success stories of trade cooperation between Kosovo and Belgium, as well as the importance of promoting them in order to create new opportunities. 

The need to finalize bilateral agreements which are being discussed between the two countries was also stressed.

Minister Gërvalla further spoke about the foreign policy priorities and current developments in the country. On this occasion, the parties also discussed regional issues and Kosovo's path towards the EU.

On his part, Mr Sassel stressed that Belgium will continue to support Kosovo on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration.

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