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Gërvalla participates in the inauguration of the Illyria centre of the Albanian community in New York

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla, in the framework of her visit to the United States of America (USA), participated on Sunday in the opening ceremony of “The Illyria Community and Wellness Centre” of the Albanian-American community in the Bronx of New York, organized by Mr Mark Gjonaj, member of the New York City Council. The ribbon-cutting was done together with Mr Gjonaj and with Mr Chuck Schumer, leader of the majority in the US Senate.

During his speech, Mr Schumer stressed the importance of the Albanian community in America.
During a short conversation, Minister Gërvalla thanked Mr Schumer for the continued support not only of the US Senate for Kosovo, and conveyed the message that the new government of Kosovo is committed to deepening excellent relations with the United States in general, but with the Senate in particular. She thanked Mr Schumer also for the support he has personally given to the Albanian community in New York and invited him to visit Kosovo in the near future.

During the subsequent solemn manifestation, which was attended by Congressman Ritchie Torres, co-chair of the Albanian Issues Caucus of the Congress; Vedat Gashi, legislator of the Westchester City Council; and numerous representatives of the Albanian community in New York, Minister Gërvalla addressed the audience with a keynote address, congratulating them on the investment and the creation of new opportunities for the diaspora in the US, for learning the Albanian language and for participating in a series of recreational programs, as well as meeting each other and strengthening cooperation. 

“We, as the new Government of the Republic of Kosovo, are very committed to creating a suitable climate for all investors who want to come and open their businesses. Therefore, I am very pleased that today I can personally invite you to consider Kosovo as a destination for your future investments”, she stressed, informing them that the rule of law is a priority of the current Government as one of the crucial factors to create a conducive environment in this regard. 

Minister Gërvalla expressed the gratitude of the Government of Kosovo for the continuous contribution and the essential role of the diaspora in the USA to help Kosovo in the most crucial periods. 

Having been part of the diaspora for many years, Gërvalla stressed, among other things, that they know very well the importance of transmitting cultural elements, especially the mother tongue to the younger generations. 

“It is our literature, music, ancient history, as well as our kindness, hospitality and very human approach to each other, but also to foreigners, that makes us more special among different nations in the region and around the world”. 

Gërvalla also announced that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora is in the process of drafting a strategy for the diaspora, which will institutionalize relations between compatriots and the state of Kosovo. She said that through it, a more structured and stronger cooperation will be established.

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