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Gërvalla meets diplomats of Riyadh: Kosovo will do everything possible to strengthen its international subjectivity

During her official visit to Riyadh, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo Mrs. Donika Gërvalla today had a conversation with diplomats, within the Institute for Diplomatic Studies Prince Saud Al Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

During her speech, Minister Gërvalla explained to Saudi diplomats the development and perspective of the Republic of Kosovo, focusing extensively on the heritage and values ​​that characterize the youngest European state as one of the oldest cultures in Europe.

"We are a Muslim-majority country, but we are proud of our centuries-old tradition and legacy of religious tolerance and religious respect between the various faiths in the country."

"We are making efforts to join the European Union and we consider that the European Union is not complete without this part of Europe," she added.

While explaining the aspirations, but also the concrete commitment of Kosovo to become part of the European family, she said that Kosovo also aims at NATO membership. Gërvalla highlighted Kosovo's symbolic contribution through its US-led troops against terrorist groups in Iraq.

"Both our countries are members of the global coalition against Daesh. "So we are partners in preventing and fighting terrorism as a threat to the world and our countries," Gërvalla added.

Kosovo has said that it is a country that shows the strongest support to the EU and NATO, as two pillars of peace and stability in Europe and beyond. The Chief Diplomat of Kosovo underlined that Kosovo will do everything possible, without ever giving up, until the achievement of all objectives, including the membership of the state in these organizations and in many others, including the United Nations.

Also, International relations and global policies were discussed. Gërvalla said that today's dynamics have created a world that is more interdependent than ever before. Regardless of the size of countries, certain actions may affect surrounding countries or other parts of the world, she said. Therefore, according to Gërvalla, the need to communicate and exchange experiences is more necessary than ever before.

"We must find principled and sustainable answers to the new challenges. "We have to find smart answers and for that we need cooperation."

"It is clear that we are living in a period of extraordinary change, both economically and politically and militarily," she added.

Further, Minister Gërvalla responded to the great interest of Saudi diplomats on topics related to international relations, economic diplomacy, Kosovo's commitment on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration, regional and neighborly issues.

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