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Gërvalla at the Adriatic Charter meeting: War is back as a real threat in the Balkans

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Donika Gërvalla participated in the meeting of the Partnership Commission at the ministerial level of the US-Adriatic Charter (A5) that is taking place in Zagreb, Croatia.
During this meeting, the security challenges in Southeast Europe were discussed, with special emphasis on the Euro-Atlantic processes in the region, as well as the cooperation within this charter.

Following is the full speech of Minister Gërvalla in this meeting:

Thank you very much for the invitation, dear Gordan. Let me congratulate you once again for the excellent organization of this meeting.

To the institutional representatives and colleagues from Northern Macedonia, I want to express on behalf of the citizens and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo our deep sorrow for the tragic loss of so many lives in the serious accident, which shocked us all. We in Kosovo have experienced such a tragedy in the bus accident that happened in Croatia and we will never forget the pictures in the hospital, but also the help of our Croatian friends in that accident. Please, tell us how we can help you, no matter how big or small the help should be.

it will not be a surprise for you that our new government of the Republic of Kosovo wants to join the A5 as a full member. We think that our people, 90% of whom, in a recent study conducted across the region, have stated that they support the EU and NATO, can make a significant contribution to security within this group of prominent and unwavering pro-Western countries.

Dear colleagues, let me speak directly, because in terms of security we are currently at a very difficult point. It reminds me of the situation 20 years ago. Even then we warned that war would be imminent, but no one took us seriously. Today again we are facing the risk of a conflict.

That is why we need to be very clear - between us, the real Europeans, here in the region, and with our strong European partners, and above all with our American allies.

Ignoring reality is never a good solution. It was not a good solution even in the 1990s and it would be a dangerous choice even now.

Last week we attended the Security Forum in Halifax, Canada to alert NATO and US officials, senators, partners, and other allies.

Unfortunately we are no longer dealing with a crisis, which will only be resolved by sending some diplomats to the region.

We have simply waited too long and the rise of military, political and propaganda tools has continued for more than a decade.

Bold steps must be taken against those who are promoting the destabilization of neighboring countries here in the region, such as Serbia and Russia, partly China, to mitigate this great danger.

It is painful, but unfortunately true that the war has again become a real threat to the Balkans.

Never since the 1990s has the word war been mentioned as often as it is now. And never since the 1990s has Serbia's aggressive and nationalist leadership used language so similar to that used by Milosevic.

Never since the 1990s has aggressive nationalist propaganda for the Serbian audience been so strategically prepared by the government in Belgrade.

We just have to look at the efforts of Dodik, Vucic and Putin in Bosnia and you see that the partition of states, initiated by Serbia and Russia, is on the table," said the Foreign Minister. 

The current Minister of Serbia, Vulin, who was the spokesman for the war criminal Milosevic, is also saying publicly that they want to create what they call the Serbian World. Mr. Vulin said in July that Serbia should not give up on 'unification and unification', which means not giving up on Greater Serbia. He said the Serbian army should be able to protect Serbs, wherever they live. Supposedly our democracies are not protecting the citizens, whether they are Serbs, Bosniaks, Albanians, Jews, Egyptians or others.

Let us not deceive ourselves anymore. Let’s sit down together and talk about the facts. Let's really analyze what is happening on the ground. This is no longer just about diplomatic talks. Let us talk like real Europeans, NATO and the US in order to avoid what can happen if we do not act properly and decisively.

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