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Deputy Minister Ahmeti hosted the delegation of the Arab Union where they concretized the areas of cooperation with Kosovo

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mr. Kreshnik Ahmeti, hosted today the delegation of the Arab Union for Sustainable Development and Environment, which is staying in Kosovo to participate in the "International Arab-European Conference: The Impact of Climate Change on Land Degradation”, which will be held on May 7 and 8 in Prishtina.

Deputy Minister Ahmeti expressed his happiness that such a delegation is in Prishtina, emphasizing that Kosovo as a state has built excellent relations with Arab countries.

"We are eternally grateful for the help that Arab countries have given to Kosovo before and after the war, before and after independence, and they are still doing that. We are also happy that as a state we have built excellent relations with Arab countries," stated Ahmeti.

Deputy Minister Ahmeti emphasized the deepening of cooperation in areas of interest to Kosovo, including sustainable energy, agriculture, education and the environment.

The Secretary-General of the Union, Mr. Ashraf Abdel Aziz, by thanking Mr. Ahmeti for the hospitality, stated that the deepening of cooperation between Kosovo and Arab countries is exactly the reason for the visit to Kosovo and the organization of the Arab-European Conference.

He expressed interest in concrete steps for cooperation, especially in the field of sustainable energy, in which he said they have long experience.

Also, the representative of the state of Egypt from this delegation said that they are ready to take the first steps in establishing cooperation links in the field of agriculture.

Deputy Minister Ahmeti informed the delegation about the work that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo is doing in finalizing the strategy for energy, to move it to sustainable energy, and also for the economic development that the state of Kosovo has marked in the last year.

"International Arab-European Conference: The Impact of Climate Change on Land Degradation" is organized by the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, in cooperation with the Arab Union for Sustainable Development and Environment.

The delegation will stay in Kosovo until May 10, 2022 and the representatives of this delegation will hold meetings with leaders of various institutions of the country and will also make study visits throughout Kosovo.

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